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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Microsoft BizTalk Server and Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft BizTalk Server and Microsoft Dynamics AX: Integration Solutions for the Extended Enterprise White Paper

Large organizations struggle to maintain a balance between centralization in order to control system and information complexity across the extended enterprise and decentralization in order to encourage flexibility and agility among local subsidiaries or divisions. Through deployment of Microsoft Dynamics™ AX and Microsoft® BizTalk Server, enterprises can realize not only a simple, high-value solution that offers visibility, insight and control of information across the entire organization, but also the flexibility and agility that branch offices and subsidiaries require in order to innovate, grow, and compete effectively. This white paper will be of interest to the business decision maker who is looking to find a robust, high value solution that provides cross-functional integration and coordination of business applications and supply chain management applications across the extended enterprise.

Download the white paper {Require Partnersource Logon}

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