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Friday, April 27, 2007

Microsoft Dynamics vs SAP ERP End-User Business Productivity Study

A study is available at partnersource which measured how end users of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications describe the impact of Microsoft and SAP applications on their business productivity. This research found that Microsoft Dynamics end users on average rated their experience with Microsoft applications more favorably than SAP users rated their experience with SAP.

Click here to download {Requires Partnersource Logon}

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Elements changed between versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX - {Download now available}

Sometimes back I had posted on "Elements changed between versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX". However the download links were not functioning on that page. MS has modified the download links. Now you can download the files.

Elements changed between versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX {Requires partnersource Logon}

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Windows Server Support Matrix For DAX

A support matrix is available which will help you decide the version/service pack level of Windows Server that is compatible with your version of Microsoft Dynamics AX. It details out the compatibility issues regarding DAX on 32 bit & 64 bit systems.

Windows™ Server Support Matrix For Microsoft Dynamics™ AX

Windows™ 64-bit Operating System support matrix for Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 4.0 SP1

{Requires partnersource logon}

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Demonstration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics AX

The DAX 4.01 VPC is now available for ordering from Partnersource.
The Demonstration Toolkit consists of two distinct parts:

-The Virtual PC (VPC) image, including demo scripts and several applications installed for demonstration purposes. The complete list of software applications appears inside the DVD cover.
-Marketing material such as brochures, whitepapers etc.

Demonstration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics AX

VPC Image for Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 SP1
[Since the VPC size is kind of large, you need to ask your nearest Microsoft Office for a copy of the DVD]
(Requires Partnersource Logon)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Number Sequence for new AX Module

Sometimes back I had posted about creating new Numbersequences for existing AX Modules. However say someone wants to create a new module in AX and wants the same setup /Parameters form in the new module just like AX base modules. Say you want to create a new module called Pre Purchase, and for simplicity, we will create just 1 new Number sequence. Here’s what to do:-

1. Edit the baseEnum NumberSeqModule, adding a reference for your new module (Pre Purchase)

2. Create a new EDT say PurchaseRequisitionId which will be used in the module

3. Create new class NumberSeqReference_PrePurchase that extends NumberSeqReference

The 3 methods in that class are:

public class NumberSeqReference_PrePurchase extends NumberSeqReference



protected void loadModule()

NumberSequenceReference numRef;


/* Setup PurchaseRequisitionId */

numRef.dataTypeId = typeid2extendedtypeid(typeid(PwC_PurchaseRequisitionId));
numRef.referenceHelp = literalStr("Unique key for Purchase Requisition identification. The key is used when creating new Purchase Requisitions."); // Use Labels here
numRef.wizardContinuous = true;
numRef.wizardManual = NoYes::No;
numRef.wizardAllowChangeDown = NoYes::No;
numRef.wizardAllowChangeUp = NoYes::No;
numRef.sortField = 1;

static NumberSeqModule numberSeqModule()

return NumberSeqModule::PrePurchase;

4. Modify the NumberSeqReference Class for the following methods


Add the following code

// PrePurchase Begin

moduleList += NumberSeqReference_PrePurchase::numberSeqModule();

// PrePurchase End


   Add the following code   

// Pre Purchase addition begin

case (NumberSeqReference_PrePurchase::numberSeqModule()): return new NumberSeqReference_PrePurchase(_module);

// Pre Purchase addition end

 5.       Look at existing Parameters Forms in AX


6. The final Output

Happy DAX-ing

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

The Sure Step Methodology provides you with end to end, business process flows that guide you and your team through field-tested best practices, proven project management principles and user-friendly tools, which enable the implementation, optimization and upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Because it provides a fully integrated project management discipline, the Sure Step Methodology is different from other methodologies available today, ensuring that you’re able to embed proven project management processes within the project.

Click here to download resources {Requires Partnersource Logon}

Elements changed between versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX

The downloadable lists of changed elements compare the tables, classes and methods, configuration keys, and security keys from older versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta) to the same elements in Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 SP1.
This information is provided to assist with estimating workload expenses before completing an upgrade. After you identify the elements that have changed between versions, you should use the Compare tool and Code Upgrade tool to determine how the element has been changed.

Very useful for DAX 3 --> DAX 4 Upgrades :)

Click to download {Requires Partnersource Logon}

Excel Import | Custom

I had created a small utility in AX for one of the implementations which gave the user the facility to upload data from custom excel templates. In some cases where internet connectivity is an issue, this template was distributed to the locations where the users entered their daily expenses and emailed the template on a periodic basis to HO. In HO, these excel sheets were uploaded to DAX. The beauty is that before importing the data, it was possible to see the data, see errors and their causes and then import / post a journal in this case. It was really handy.

The Excel template [The data is simulated :)]

The AX Excel import tool (Showing the data before import and highliting the records which have error including an error description :)

You can always improve on this. Imagination is da limit :)
May not be the best way but it works nicely for my situation :)
Download the XPO and Excel files { The site is in Russian}

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Coloring Grids in DAX

tutHeres some tips on how to color Grid Cells / rows in DAX. Ive used the prodTable form as an example.The code must be placed in the displayOption() method of the datasource.
Case 1:
Color specific rows
Code :
public void displayOption(Common _record, FormRowDisplayOption _options)

prodtable prodtablelocal;

prodtablelocal = _record;



Case ProdStatus::Created:

_options.backColor(6029311); //Light Yellow

_options.textColor(12582912); //Blue


Case ProdStatus::Completed:
_options.backColor(16761281); //Light Blue
_options.textColor(12582912); //Blue


Case 2:
Color specific cells
Code :

public void displayOption(Common _record, FormRowDisplayOption _options)


prodtable prodtablelocal;

prodtablelocal = _record;

Case ProdStatus::Created:

_options.backColor(65535); //Light Yellow


Case ProdStatus::Released:

_options.backColor(8421631); //Light Red


Case ProdStatus::Completed:
_options.backColor(65408); //Light Green




Now to get the color codes u want , look at the form tutorial_Form_DisplayOptions.

Tweak it a bit by adding this line in

if (conlen(c))
{ backColor = WinAPI::RGB2int( conpeek(c,1), conpeek(c,2), conpeek(c,3) );
Info(Strfmt("%1",backColor)); // Add this line
// Clear the display options for the once which allready has been set.
for (common = custTable_ds.getFirst(); common; common = custTable_ds.getNext())
When u run the form & select the color u want, the int value will be there in the infolog :)
If you want to turn off active highlighting then select the Grid, Click on Properties & Set the property ' HighlightActive' to No. :)

Happy DAX-ing :)

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office and SharePoint Server

At Convergence 2007 the "Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office and SharePoint Server " was announced. There is a .pptx for this on Partnersource along with Press Release & FAQ.

Click to access { Requires Partnersource Logon}

DAX EP & WSS Site Templates

If you've set up the DAX EP on WSS, there are nice templates available on the Microsoft Office Site which you can download and configure with the EP. These site templates are out-of-the-box custom scenarios tailored to address the needs and requirements of specific business processes or sets of tasks in organizations of any size, and are pretty useful.
Ive configured DAX 4.01 EP on WSS 3.0 and have configured a few templates. It was just a R & D Project and you can do more.

The WSS Application templates can be downloaded here

The Sites appear on the right pane in the DAX EP Home Page:

The list of sites are shown below (Yours may differ)

A Sample site as an add on to DAX EP

Happy DAX-ing :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Partner Productivity Tools 2.0 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 SP1

The Partner Productivity Tools for Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 SP1 comprise of :-

-Sure Step Rapid Configuration Tool (RCT) for Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 SP1 and
-Sure Step Task Recorder for Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 SP1

Rapid Configuration Tool (RCT) is a tool that supports both partners and customers in the implementation and configuration process by providing and linking project management features, easier configuration access, communication support, and documentation about how to configure Microsoft Dynamics AX. RCT for Microsoft Dynamics AX consists of functionality that is implemented as a module within Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Task Recorder is a tool that can log and create documentation and workflows of user activities in the application. The tool can output this activity in several Microsoft® Office system formats, including training-oriented documentation in Microsoft® Office Word®, presentation content in Microsoft® Office PowerPoint®, and process-oriented documentation in Microsoft® Office Visio®.

Click here to download {Requires Partnersource Logon}

Monday, April 2, 2007

MVP Award

I want to thank Microsoft and everyone else who have contributed in any way in my nomination as a Microsoft MVP in Dynamics AX. It is indeed a great honour for me. With great position comes great responsibilities and I will always try to contribute in whatever way I can to this community. I started working with Dynamics AX (then Axapta) since 2004 and since then theres no looking back. Its a great product to work with and I really enjoy working with it.
I would also like to thank each and everyone who visited my blog. It would not have been possible without you all. Thanks :)

You can view the other Dynamics AX MVP's here :)

Thanks again to everyone who made it happen.

[Coincidentally, this is also my 100th post in my BLOG :) ]