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Saturday, August 30, 2008

AX 2009 Documents

I've been kinda busy with a AX upgrade project so haven't been able to post regularly. However just about managed to take some time out and attaching some nice AX 2009 documents for general use. I have uploaded them all in a central place for anyone to download.(Zipped file for all documents also included in folder - AX 2009 Documents Click the link below. These documents include:

-AX 2009 Upgrade Guide.pdf 
-AX 2009 Localization.pdf 
-AX 2009 BI Cube Reference.pdf 
-AX 2009 Installation Guide.pdf 
-AX 2009 Security Hardening.pdf 
-AX 2009 Server DB Admin.pdf 
-AX 2009 EP Admin.pdf
-AX 2009 Integrate Workflow in Financial Journals.pdf 
-AX 2009 Managing Compliance.pdf 
-AX 2009 White Paper Multisite Activation.pdf 
-AX 2009 Post To Ledger.pdf 
-AX 2009 Setting up intercompany for intracompany direct delivery.pdf 
-AX 2009 Shipping Carrier Interface.pdf 
-AX 2009 Team Server (ID Server) Setup Whitepaper.pdf  
-AX 2009 Visual SourceSafe Version Control Setup Whitepaper.pdf 

Friday, August 8, 2008

Rapid Configuration Tool for Dynamics AX 2009

The new release of Rapid Configuration Tool (RCT) for Dynamics AX2009 is now available for download at Partner Source.

The Rapid Configuration Tool is integrated into Microsoft Dynamics® AX and provides key assistance to partners and customers during implementation by providing project management features, easier configuration access, communication support and documentation on how to successfully configure Microsoft Dynamics® AX.

Click here to download [Requires Partnersource Access]