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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Automatically update a form after a time interval

At times, you may want a form to be automatically updated at a certain time interval, for example if the data displayed in the form frequently changes or you would like to execute a task from a form at certain time intervals.
All forms inherit properties from the Object kernel class. The SetTimeOut() method is located in this class.
This method is used with three parameters,the first two of which are mandatory.

- The first one indicates the ID of the method to be activated.
- The second indicates the number of thousandths of seconds for the method, specified in the first parameter that is executed.

- The last parameter is a boolean that is used to indicate how the time is measured.

If the parameter is set to true then the idle time is measured from when the keyboard or mouse was used. Use false to indicate that the time should be measure since the last time SetTimeOut() was executed.

You can execute this method from a form with the code:


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