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Saturday, November 14, 2009

AX Application Launcher v2

Sometimes back I created an application "AX Configuration Launcher" which helped distribute AX Configurations enabling users to open multiple configurations easily. I made some improvements to the earlier application as:
1. New User Interface
2. Ability to sync from a centralized network share
3. Ability to configure the application (Advanced users, config stored in a XML file)
The screenshot is as follows:-

The video to install and use is displayed below:

The installation files & video are shared in the link below.

I tested it out on my local machine as well as at my client. It working fine. The network shared folder must have read access to all users using this tool. In case you use this application, do give me the feedback.
I will publish the source code in Codeplex (Im working on this now to get a license in Codeplex)


Andrew Holden said...

Hello Arijit, your application looks interesting. However would you consider publishing the source code for it? I am considering creating a similar solution for myself.

I hate to sound ungrateful but the colour scheme is something I would change. It just goes to show that cultural differences can be expressed in code :)

tommy.skaue said...

Finally, me and my colleagues can share our "shortcuts". Great stuff! :-)

I agree with Andrew about the colors. Aaaarg, my eyes.... ;P

Unknown said...

awaiting for the source ;) thanks!