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Friday, February 13, 2009

Managing Your Supply Chain using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Scott Hamilton has released his book on AX 2009 SCM. Like his previous title, this edition for AX 2009 is a must read for all AX SCM Consultants who are implementing AX 2009.

"Managing Your Supply Chain addresses the need for an overall understanding about using Microsoft Dynamics AX to manage manufacturing and distribution businesses. The targeted reader includes those individuals implementing or considering Dynamics AX as their ERP system as well as those providing sales and implementation services. Firms involved with a system selection process may be considering Dynamics AX as a candidate package, and this book can help reduce selection risks, evaluate system fit and needed customizations, and provide a vision of an integrated system. The book can help businesses involved in implementing and using Dynamics AX by accelerating the learning process, reducing implementation time and costs, and reducing user resistance to change. It suggests changes that can improve system usage and revitalize a wayward implementation. For firms providing sales and services related to Dynamics AX, this book can accelerate the employee learning process for providing knowledgeable customer service in sales, support, and professional assistance. "

This book has received very good reviews and is available at Amazon for pre order. Click on the image below to Pre Order your copy.


Anonymous said...

Within parcel distribution Kewill and NMB have built an integration between AX and clippership.

Kewill & NMB Solutions Partner for Microsoft AX Market

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this book is also offered as a PDF download?