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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Excel Import | Custom

I had created a small utility in AX for one of the implementations which gave the user the facility to upload data from custom excel templates. In some cases where internet connectivity is an issue, this template was distributed to the locations where the users entered their daily expenses and emailed the template on a periodic basis to HO. In HO, these excel sheets were uploaded to DAX. The beauty is that before importing the data, it was possible to see the data, see errors and their causes and then import / post a journal in this case. It was really handy.

The Excel template [The data is simulated :)]

The AX Excel import tool (Showing the data before import and highliting the records which have error including an error description :)

You can always improve on this. Imagination is da limit :)
May not be the best way but it works nicely for my situation :)
Download the XPO and Excel files { The site is in Russian}


Ivan (Vanya) Kashperuk said...

Hey, Arijit.
You forgot to attach the project here.
Or is it not freeware?

Masil said...
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Anonymous said...


Thanks for a great program. I got the following error when importing a lot of lines, with a slightly modified spreadsheet and program:

"The value 1 is not found in the map"

Everytime I try to import the same spreadsheet, it would process a couple of lines and then throw the error and everytime after a different number of lines.

Does anyone have any ideas as to the possible cause?

Anonymous said...

Tnx for a nice project here

Johan -> try outcomment the progress.incCount(), the progressbar is not initiated correct as settotal is missing.