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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Microsoft Dynamics AX 4 Task Recorder

The Task Recorder for Microsoft Dynamics AX is a tool that records and documents user activity in the application. The tool can output this recording in a number of Microsoft Office document formats, including training-oriented documentation in Microsoft Word, presentation content in Microsoft PowerPoint, and process-oriented documentation in Microsoft Visio. This will therefore allow the recording of screen shots of the AX application to create documents that you can use in a variety of situations during an implementation, such as User Training, Request for Proposals (RFP) responses, etc.

I had read about it before but was kinda busy to do some R & D. Its really good. You can download the resources below:

Task Recorder for Microsoft Dynamics AX (Requires Partnersource Logon)
This page provides information about the Beta version of the Task Recorder for Microsoft Dynamics™ AX.

Task Recorder - Video and Notes
Use this short video to show the power of the Task Recorder due to be released with AX 4.1, but available to download in a beta form now.



Anonymous said...

pls send me the steps to use task recorder

Karl said...

the link is not working.

Where can I see how task recorder works, or where can I find a guide ?