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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

White paper: Roles-based productivity

The Microsoft Dynamics Customer Model is a tool that Microsoft has developed to document how people work within departments—and how that drives performance across organizations. The model helps ensure that Microsoft Dynamics and related business-management software is designed based upon a thoroughly-researched, consistent set of people and processes that will apply to businesses like yours. The model includes:

-Models of companies for small and midsize businesses, as well as large and complex departments
-61 "personas" or "user profiles" which represent a typical view of the people that can occur within an organization defined primarily by the collection of roles they have. (A role is a specific grouping of tasks that a persona is responsible for or participates in.)
-Profiles of five midsize-business departments (Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, IT & Partners)
-15 typical departmental organization charts showing how the personas are typically organized in these five departments
-33 process groups that represent the work people do within business scenarios
-155 processes and subsequent tasks and steps defined across the 33 business process groups

This white paper includes research methodology; model, screen, and process illustrations; technical information about how the model drives role-based software design, and why that design can help your people and processes be more productive.

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