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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sending E Mails from DAX 4 via Lotus Notes

I come across many clients who use Lotus Notes as their Mailing Application and wanted to see how AX can use LN to send e mails. After lot of R & D, I have been able to create a utility within AX which can use LN to send E Mails {Still under development}. Sending you all some hints how I got it done and I have tested it out and its workin fine. Any suggestions for improvements will be greatly appreciated. Presently working to make a class extending SysMailer :) and resolve some small issues :)

1. You must have LN Client Installed on your laptop ( The version I worked with is
Release 6.5.4|March 27, 2005 )
2. Use the COM Class Wrapper Wizard in DAX to create AX Classes for the "domobj.tlb". (See attached Screenshot)
3. Attaching below some references which will help you create the AX Class / Job which will send the e mail from DAX via LN. At present this in only an R & D Project which Im doing in my free time and hence the code can definitely be optimized. However its working fine.
4. The Password Popup can be bypassed by giving the password in the following line
NotesSession.Initialize("YOUR PASSWORD")
5. The File Paths given in the screenshot are defaults that are on my Laptop. Yours may differ. Watch out for the Red Boxes in the Screenshot :)
6. Presently havin a wee bit of problems regarding the Signature, CC & BCC fields :( But I intend to solve it during my next free time :)

Looking for suggestions, improvements and feedback.

Some Reference Links:
Microsoft AX Newsgroups
How to send Lotus Notes mail messages with Microsoft Visual Basic
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