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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Setting up the TAPI interface in Axapta

What is TAPI
TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) is a Microsoft Windows standard interface for integration between telephone systems and windows based software. A typical example is integrating called ID with a database on your computer that contains detailed information about potential callers. When your phone rings, a window pops up
on your computer with information about the caller. This is possible through software applications that are TAPI compliant and support the Screen Pop and Auto-Dialer capabilities.

To be able to use the TAPI interface, you have to install a TAPI CT adapter. The adapter have to support the telephone you are using, and in many cases it would be preferred to buy the adapter from the same producer as your phone.When the adapter is procured, follow the instructions and install the TAPI driver on your computer.

Setting up the TAPI interface
Setting up the TAPI interface involves the following steps:
• Set up Microsoft Windows to handle your TAPI driver
• Select and set up TAPI in Axapta CRM.

Setting up Microsoft windows for TAPI adapter
1. From the Windows start menu, select Settings/Control panel. Open the Phone and Modem Options.
2. When standing in the Dialing rules tab, press the Edit button.
3. Fill in the Edit Location form, press Apply, and click OK when finished.
4. Click on the Advanced tab, and then click Add. The new device will then appear in the Add provider window. Select the driver you have installed for your TAPI adapter,and click Add.
5. A new window will now appear, and you must select which com-port to use.
6. Close the Phone and Modem Options.

Setting up Axapta CRM for TAPI adapter
1. Start Axapta and select CRM.
2. From the main menu select Sales force automation/Setup/Telephony/Phone parameters.
3. Delete all lines in the Phone parameters window, and shut down Axapta.
4. Restart Axapta and select Sales force automation/Setup/Telephony/Phone parameters from the main menu.
5. In the Phone parameters window select the line device provider you are using, click on the Set active line device button, and restart Axapta.
6. When restarted select the Sales force automation/Setup/Employee option. Select employee and go to the Telephony tab and check the Activate answer checkbox.This will make the telephone dialog pop on your screen each time you receive a call.


Anonymous said...

A gr8 job dude

Anonymous said...

can you do this when axapta runs from a terminal server, whit more users then 1, can get it to work whit outlook on the terminal server but axapta still wont comply

Ole Richardt Nielsen said...

No - the TAPI interface is not designed to work with terminal server - this from microsoft:

TAPI via Terminal Server is not supported by MBS.
The CTI functionality was not designed to run via Terminal Server. It was designed to run as a 1st party (single TAPI
Installation on client) or 3rd party (TAPI Server) TAPI solution