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Friday, November 24, 2006

Caching in Axapta...

In Microsoft Axapta 3.0, there are three cache mechanisms:

1. the single record cache,
2. the entire table cache, and
3. the record view cache.

Record Caching
The record cache is utilized for full key lookups only and contains the 100 most recently used records for a particular table. In a 3-tier environment, there is a record cache on the client and a record cache on the server. The server record cache is shared between all clients.
Record Cache are of the following types:
(a) NotInTTS
(b) Found
(c) FoundAndEmpty

Entire Table Caching
The entire table cache is a different type of caching compared to record caching,which is a complete local copy of a table. The entire table cache exists on the AOS, a 3-tier rich client, the COM connector, and on a 2-tier client. This
means that there is no entire table cache on a 3-tier thin client, as it utilizes the entire table cache located on the AOS.
The cache is populated at the time of the first access to that particular table for a given company.

Record View Caching
The RecordViewCache is instantiated using a X++ select with a where clause that defines the result set. The RecordViewCache is deactivated as soon as the RecordViewCache object goes out of scope or is destroyed.
It is private and offers a result-set cache with a limited lifetime.

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