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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Book Review : Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Development Cookbook

This is one book I wish was published a few years back when I was learning Dynamics AX. During that time there was a real crisis for AX related literature that I had to learn everything the hard way and it would have been really good had I got this book then :). This book is the first one of its class in the Dynamics AX Technology Books family and is a must read resources for new or experienced developers.
Mindaugas has done a really good job of compiling technical 'how to's' in this book. It has 6 chapters and each chapter focusses on how to do simple things in X++. What I like most it apart from just X++ codes, it also explains how it works and some sections on 'There's more'. The book covers the following chapters:
Chapter 1: Processing Data
Chapter 2: Working with Forms
Chapter 3: Working with Data in Forms
Chapter 4: Building Lookups
Chapter 5: Processing Business Tasks
Chapter 6: Integration with Microsoft Office
My favourite is Chapter # 5 which explains and demonstrates the Ledger, Purch & Sales API's which helps a developer to integrate with base AX. This is one area where I have seen developers struggle and this chapter does a good job of demonstrating the intricacies.

You can also view a Free Chapter here.
Code Download for the book is available here.
Click on the image below to go to Packt Site.

This is a really super(); book and I recommend it for new developers and also for advanced developers as a ready reference guide. I hope in the next release of this book (AX 6) additional topics like .NET integration, Reald world X Platform integration , AIF samples are also covered. Great work Mindaugas.

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