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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Managing Lean Manufacturing using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Scott Hamilton is back again with his new book 'Managing Lean Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics AX '.

Book Summary

An integrated supply chain management (SCM) system represents a critical success factor for effective implementation of lean manufacturing. The software functionality must be able to manage variations in lean scenarios as well as changes associated with continuous improvement efforts and the maturity stages of lean manufacturing.

This book explains the software functionality to support lean manufacturing scenarios, as defined by functionality within the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. It also covers the traditional approaches to these same scenarios. It explains the incremental conceptual differences between the lean and traditional approaches, and helps those readers with a traditional SCM/ERP background to understand the new vocabulary and conceptual models. The targeted reader includes those individuals implementing or considering Dynamics AX to support their lean manufacturing initiatives, as well as those providing sales and implementation services.

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Andrew Rumney said...

I am the author of this solution (on V3 and V4), which was produced by eBECS and sold to Microsoft in 2007, and we have assisted with the AX2009 version. I helped Scott in the production of this book and you will see my written forward. Scott has done an excellent job in representing the solution.

eBECS have continued to build on this solution with lean II and Lean III

If you would like to know more then you can always contact either myself or eBECS.

Andrew Rumney Solutions Director eBECS

Keith said...

This is a great book to allow you to leverage Dynamics AX 2009 for your business. A must read if you're a manufacturer and you have or are implementing AX 2009.


chemical engineering said...

Hi good post, very valuable information for us. I am working in a company where lean tools are being used

Anonymous said...

I am currently implementing Dynamics AX 2009 as complete replacement solution for every application used in every area of in a manufacturing environment. Financials, PDM, EDI, WMS, MRP, Trade & Logistics, CRM.....and we are including Lean Manufacturing in the mix as an add-on to the capex.

I bought this book, and it is worth the money. We are replacing a web-based replenishment Kanban system, Ultriva, and a falsely termed Kanban inventory movement system that was coded in an AS/400 Mapics system.

We have many scenarios, Engineer-to-Order, Make-to-Order, Make-to-Stock and have over 57,000 active bills (FG's, Purchased, Sub-Assemblies and Phantoms). The system is full of garbage now, duplicate records, etc...and no way to net inventory. It's really a mess.

We are using the book as a guideline to model all scenarios in a design environment right now and it has helped tremendously.

Kutos on the book. We are working with eBecs as well, a'la carte style for guidance in some of the finer points and key criteria for utilizing the Lean Manufacturing module to the max. capacity.

Randy Granger
Independant AX Consultant