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Saturday, August 30, 2008

AX 2009 Documents

I've been kinda busy with a AX upgrade project so haven't been able to post regularly. However just about managed to take some time out and attaching some nice AX 2009 documents for general use. I have uploaded them all in a central place for anyone to download.(Zipped file for all documents also included in folder - AX 2009 Documents Click the link below. These documents include:

-AX 2009 Upgrade Guide.pdf 
-AX 2009 Localization.pdf 
-AX 2009 BI Cube Reference.pdf 
-AX 2009 Installation Guide.pdf 
-AX 2009 Security Hardening.pdf 
-AX 2009 Server DB Admin.pdf 
-AX 2009 EP Admin.pdf
-AX 2009 Integrate Workflow in Financial Journals.pdf 
-AX 2009 Managing Compliance.pdf 
-AX 2009 White Paper Multisite Activation.pdf 
-AX 2009 Post To Ledger.pdf 
-AX 2009 Setting up intercompany for intracompany direct delivery.pdf 
-AX 2009 Shipping Carrier Interface.pdf 
-AX 2009 Team Server (ID Server) Setup Whitepaper.pdf  
-AX 2009 Visual SourceSafe Version Control Setup Whitepaper.pdf 


Дончо said...

Arjit, good job! However, why don't you add also another ZIP file in the folder, which contains all files listed? It will tremendously help people like me, who want to download these all in one batch?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making these documents available!

Really appreciate your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making these readily available. I can always count on finding relevant information on your site.

Will keep coming back for more in the future! Keep up the great work.

We have recently posted a Dynamics AX 2009 Compliance Center demo to our site. Hope this can be of some help to your readers as well!

Unknown said...

Can you please tell me the difference between Microsoft Dynamics AX4.0 and SDK 2009.. Are they two different products??
By any chance do you have collection of AX4.0 related documents?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these documents!!!You are a good guy!!

Unknown said...

We are implementing AX 2009 for a client. There are two companies in AX: CompanyA and CompanyB. We have also set up a virtual CompanyC and are using the concept of Global Address Book. We are running an integration with system X. in System X we will be creating a new customer and that triggers creation of the customer in both the companies in AX and should also tie the customers to the same addressid or partyid in AX so that when we look under the global address book for this customer, we are able to see both the customers under the roles tab at the global level. We are unable to create the customers and assign them the same addressid. Does any body have any exp doing this?

Key Team said...

Thanks for nice document
Key Team

kumar said...

thanks for the material arjit, really a gud job, can i please request you to post any pdf's if possible on axapta 2009 financials like setting up and working with the financials}

Kittu said...

Can please send me EP Development Material and if Possible BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and all possible integrations with Dynamics AX 4.0

Thanks in Advance...