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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Infopath, Web Services & AX Integration

A small quick demo on how to interface Infopath forms with AX using Web Services. In this small simple demo I have created a new supplier registration infopath form which can be posted to the company website. Any supplier
interested in registering can fill up the form and submit it to AX via Web Services. To do this, the following things were required:

1. A class in AX which holds the AX business logic to create new records in VendTable [Class_AXWS.xpo]
2. A Web Service ( which invokes this AX class via .net Business Connector
3. A Infopath form which uses this web service [AXVendor.xsn]

First create/ import the class in AX. Then create a Web Service which invokes this class using .net Business Connector. Then create a Infopath form to use this Web Service to interface with AX.

The Web Service which interacts with AX:

The Web Service Code:

The Infopath Form:

Video of the completed application:
Infopath, Web Services & Dynamics AX
Infopath, Web Services & Dynamics AX

Source Code: [Contains all source files & raw video :)]

Happy DAXing:)


Mr. Denize said...

You definately have some of the best blog-posting on AX ever. Its a thrill to read your new post and take them 'home' and study them.

Keep up the good work,


Anonymous said...

One of the simple ways of infopath- AX integration Cool...

Anonymous said...

One of the simple ways of AX- infopath integration cool... good work...