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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Online Directory of Microsoft Dynamics Add-on Products

You are all aware of ISV solutions for MS Dynamics. These add on solutions extend the industry specific functionality of MS Dynamics products. Often during solution scoping, one if left with the task of searching for such add on products. Of course there is a list available on Partnersource & MSPP site but that requires authentication. Robert Anderson has put up an Online Directory of Microsoft Dynamics Add-on Products which lists ad on products for the Dynamics suite. It is a great landing page for someone who wishes to know about available add on solutions for Dynamics. This site already has 200+ ISV’s who have added their offerings. It would be great if more and more partners/ISV's contribute to this site. It will really be useful for partners/ clients/ architects who wish to do solution profiling for Dynamics products. Must check out. Robert will be adding more and more features on his site. Please give feedback to Robert for improvements. Great addition to the Dynamics community :).
Click image to go to the site.

Happy DAX-ing :)

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