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Friday, November 2, 2007

Copenhagen Convergence Review

Hiii. Im back from Copenhagen Convergence. It was a wonderful event where I got to meet some very important people from the Microsoft AX team and partners. It was a great experience . There were some good sessions on future of Dynamics AX, Dynamics AX 5.0 and related technologies. The event DVD will be put up at the following location:

Its a really good resource for people who missed the Convergence.
Some of the people from the Dynamics AX team I met were:
Bo Teilmann Petersen - Senior Program Manager AX Projects

Michael Fruergaard Pontoppidan (MFP) - Chief Architect Dynamics AX
Palle Agermark - thy:data
David Probst - Program Manager AX Service Management
Vijay Kurup - Program Manager Dynamics AX AOS Server
Jacob Nielsen - Director UX Team
Akshey Gupta - Program Manager Dynamics AX Manufacturing
The Dynamics UX Team consisting of JJ Guajardo, Hans Have, Allen Prier, Claus Råe

... and many other stalwarts of Microsoft Dynamics AX

It was great to meet these folks and learn so much.
I also had the opportunity to meet and work with other Dynamics MVP's.
Please see the album below for some moments @ the Convergence 2007 Copenhagen. I will be posting more on the events .

Convergence 2007 Copenhagen

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