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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Microsoft Dynamics AX CLR Interop

The .NET BC allows managed code to interact with Dynamics AX. However the CLR Interop enables external managed components to be instantiated & executed from Dynamics AX. CLR Interop basically compliments .NET BC. The way in which CLR Interop and .NET BC works is shown below in a simple diagram (Fig 1).

CLR Interop is built into Dynamics AX Kernel. CLR Interop provides developers with the opportunity to develop / write managed components (Visual Studio 2005) to run on the .NET Framework and interoperate with Microsoft Dynamics AX.
In Dynamics AX 4.01, there is a node in the AOT called “References” (Fig 2).

You Drag n Drop your assemblies there and reference it using X++ code. I have attached a very simple video which demonstrates this. It is a powerful feature which has been incorporated in Dynamics AX 4.0.
The demo is very simple and is meant to demonstrate how easy it is to reference managed assemblies from AX (X++). Recently I was doing some R & D and thought I would share this simple example. [Its a home video - and definitely not the naughty kind ;-)]

The video (Full screen & moderate quality) can also be downloaded from the following link

Happy Daxing:)

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