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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A comparison of IFRS, US GAAP and Indian GAAP

Often when I meet prospective DAX clients , one question they ask me is whether DAX can handle US GAAP, Indian GAAP. Attaching some information on these Accounting standards and the link to resources on these standards.May be helpful for Pre Sales folks, Finance functional DAX consultants and for folks like me who have very little idea on these Standards :)

"This is the third revised and updated edition of this guide which presents a comparison and highlights the similarities and differences under the three accounting framework; IFRS, US GAAP and Indian GAAP. This would serve as a quick reference guide for the CFOs and practitioners alike and also useful to the users of financial statements who are looking for a quick understanding of these three frameworks".

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Anonymous said...

Nice Post. This enter helped me in my university assignment. Thanks Alot