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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Multiple AOS in a Multi CPU Machine :)

You are all aware that presently AX AOS does not support more that 2 processors. Now say you have a multi processor Box where you want to install multiple AOS and make sure that each AOS Service points to a specific processor. Follow the steps:
1.Open Task Manager
2.Right Click on AX32Serv.exe
3.Click "Set Affinity"
4.A window opens up which shows all the CPU's your Box has
5.You can now , for each AOS Service point/ check the CPU's you want to run on :)

But the limitation is that when you restart the service/ Box , you must do this again. Also if the AOS Service runs under local/system/network Account, you cannot do this. Only available for AD accounts.

This is NOT recommended in a live environment.

Happy DAX-ing

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Could you please explain that matter? (is there any MS documentation explaining that?)
As far as I know in every multitasking win32 system if you work using threads, all threads are automatically spreaded over the existing processors; so, or the main process is selecting affinity (in coding) or there are only two WORKER threads. Which of the two?
Thanks in advance