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Monday, December 4, 2006

A Brief History of DAX

When Axapta®, now Microsoft® Business Solutions–Axapta { Microsoft Dynamics AX}, was released in 1998, it brought an exciting new object-oriented technology within reach of midsize companies that needed a powerful, scalable business management suite to run their operations. The new solution featured advanced ideas and technology such as:

* Multilanguage, multi-country capability
* Auto size (IntelliMorph), for easy customization
* Feature keys, for easy upgrades
* No fixed numbers
* Keep information stored in one single database
* Separate user interface, business logic and database (3-tier)

Since the release of Axapta 1.0, the solution has expanded dramatically in scope and capability. Read below for a brief history of major releases, as well as the core technological advances.

Axapta 1.0 - March 1998
· Released in the US and Denmark
· Financial, trade, inventory management, logistics and production, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5
Axapta 1.5 - November 1998
Early release in Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium Spain and the European Union
Publishing Manager, call COM, Service Pack technology, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
Axapta 2.0 - July 1999
Project Accounting module, WMS, External OLAP, Option Pack concept, ActiveX support, COM-connector and an early release of Axapta Object Server
Axapta 2.1 - January 2000
Market demands from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain
Web tools and CSS (The first WebApp), Microsoft SQL Server 2000, database log
Microsoft Windows 2000 logo
Axapta 2.5 – December 2000
Complete Web applications development environment
Auto upgrade tool, ESS (Project), Banking, First step of Load’n’Go, OLAP within Axapta, XML support, FA to Denmark, Austria and UK
Domains and ASP support, DBCS Support
Axapta 2.5 Market Pack – October 2001
Released in France and Italy
Marketing Automation (CRM), Commerce Gateway, Product Builder (Web application as well), training and Event Management (Web application as well)
Microsoft Axapta 3.0 - October 2002
Microsoft Axapta Enterprise Portal, intercompany collaboration
New security and configuration keys
Expanded geographical reach (more countries)
Demand planning
Enhanced partner productivity tools

The above history is obtained from Partnersource. heres the link...

A Short History of DAX

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